What is EPS: Expanded Polystyrene 

EPS Expanded Polystyrene

EPS expanded polystyrene foam EPS is original tough close cellfoam. It is usually white and made of three expanded polystyrene beads. Low densities of this material is used in school projects and sheets available in stationery shops.

It is used in abundance in various forms and protects sensitive and costly materials through coating. Beads are extended through steam, then filled in machines for molding so that they can form required shape.

Once in the shape, the pre puff dots are again steamed to frame a square that is somewhere in the range of 37-1/2″ – 54″ x 49″ x 121-1/2″ – 220″. The squares are then positioned on the  floor to for short time so that they can be cut into different shapes and sizes.

Squares are created in a few densities to meet various needs.

Physical Appearance of EPS Expanded Polystyrene

The beads of EPS are clearly visible, usually dry looking with the low density versions having bigger beads by not the high density beads. One of the high density beads you will find   closer smaller compressed beads. EPS is most commonly used in insulation. EPS is quite strong when laminates well with … another expanded plastic. When you realize, how EPS protects your product from multiple impacts from outside and inside, you will never look for another product for you and your circle. You can even laminate EPS on EPS for better performance. Contractors use EPS foam when they offer their clients hyper insulation.

However EPS foam is so dense, making it even a slight pressure leaves a mark on it.

Whereas unlaminated EPS easily breaks upon bending .EPS is easily cut with a knife and reshape it according to your needs and use it.


WHY use EPS in Pakistan?

As you have witnessed the sudden increase in temperature in recent years as well as the electricity bills have touched the limits of whole income. We have also seen Air conditioner failures in Pakistan due to load shedding and heat waves but we provide you with a better solution for a life time for insulation, only with one time payment. Our factory based in Lahore the capital city of Punjab provides you EPS in varies shapes, densities and measurements. We also accept custom orders, so that our customers can live their life without worrying about insulation problems.

Four advantages of using EPS

1- EPS is Lightweight:

By covering your product with EPS, you can protect your expensive and sensitive product with just just few Kilograms as the foam is made of 98% air.

2-Protect the PRODUCT

This insulation will protect your product from any kind of harm and even from breaking. Therefore, this material provide you the two important uses.

3- Cost Effective:

Foam is cheaper than other products when you compare the other insulating products you will find EPS much better than the rest of products.

4- Added Value

Whether it is for you or your customers, you will have in hand a complete product that will meet specific needs.


ITS time to place your order

Now is the time that you use your money for better investment and one and only life-time warrantied insulation form and save your precious time and value yor home and product. Please feel free to contact us for further details and information.