Classification of Home Insulation

Classification of Home Insulation


It is an established fact that a Wall Insulation has the capacity to resist 75% of cold and heat from outside of the atmosphere into your home. At the same time when using Roof Insulation on your home will also cover more than 45% of heat and cold from outside. Floor Insulation also has a good effect on controlling the temperature. Therefore, Home Insulation is very important in modern extraordinary weather conditions to secure your home or workplace building.

“Insulation System Industry provides the most reliable product that everyone can use in his home. Insulation is the most important and best investment among all other investments for the home. Insulating the home is trending in modern societies and very effective against extraordinary weather conditions.

Most important reason to install a “Insulation System” at home is protection from heat and cold. Another reason for the Insulation System is that it is very cost Effective. It is very cheap and qualitative. The Insulation System will reduce the electricity cost and provide an environmentally friendly atmosphere.

Moreover, the lasting of the EPS Home Insulation is more than all other protecting materials. Because all relevant material to building protection has lengthy, costly and complex processes. While the “Insulation System” is the only material which is very safe, easily installed, time saving, energy saving and above all have lasting effects more than the other material for protection.

Besides, the Insulation System is easily available in the market nowadays. The Insulation System Industry provides the product in all the major cities of Pakistan including Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar, Hyderabad, Sukkur, Multan, Faisalabad and Islamabad.

Therefore, people are eagerly looking for the Insulation system nowadays. Because of its best and easy availability, the “Home Insulation” is the emerging best strategy to make a peaceful and more secure home.  Therefore, it is vital for home construction applications in the contemporary world.


Some of the most common types of material used for “Home Insulation” purposes are Thermopore, EPS Sheet, Thermocol, Styrofoam, Insulation,  XPS Sheets, Insulation Foam, Insulation Board, Pipe Insulation, Roof insulation, Best Roof insulation, Styrofoam Sheets, EPS Thermocol Sheet, Thermopore Sheet for Roof’. These are extremely well important, affordable and cost effective methods for the protecting the buildings

Thermopore Sheets are simply used in homes across Pakistan for “Insulation System” as well as for protecting fragile material from breaking within. Thermopore is a type of stiff foam block which is a byproduct of compressed Styrofoam Beads or Polystyrene. These “Insulation” are the lightweight sheets that can be tailor-made, molded and shaped into any density and width. Thus, one can install it as per one’s desire or demands and project requirements easily.


Thermopore Sheets are worthwhile as they have a higher insulation value. That controls the air leaks and maintains the perfect atmosphere inside the house. Additionally, it is also a sound proof material and saves people from unwanted noise as well. So we can say it is a great package that is easy to readily available and also easy to handle for the installers.

Besides thermopore sheets, EPS also known as Expanded Polystyrene Sheets or Foam is the second most used product in “Home Insulation”.

Expanded Polystyrene Sheets or Foam have moisture resistance and higher thermal resistance. less  consumption of heating and cooling appliances are the result of these both. Therefore,  both have the direct impact on the bills and cost. As we know, Expanded Polystyrene Sheets or Foam, Thermopore Sheets are also best for thermal resistance and soundproofing. Therefore, to get your house insulated would have been a cost-effective decision that comes with various benefits.


Both the Thermopore Sheets and Expanded Polystyrene Sheets or Foam are energy-efficient products used in “Home Insulation”. When people have installed them in their buildings or offices, as subflooring, walls, roof or at any place, where they can think of. It will definitely be a single time investment. Where it would produce great results and save on a lot of other expenses and maintenance costs as well.